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F is for Firefly and Friday Night Lights,A-Z B Challenge

At first glance, you probably said something remarkably like “What do those two shows have in common?!” At least, you did if you are familiar with both shows. For those who aren’t; a quick summary.

Friday Night Lights – TV drama set in Dillon, Texas, where they take high school football very seriously. Two lost games, and the coach starts wondering if he’ll get fired. The series revolves around this Texas town that revolves around high school football. The core family is the coach and his family, the Taylors. One of the most popular characters is Tim Riggins, who at the beginning of the series is a hard-drinking, schoolwork-avoiding football player who is sleeping with his best (and paralyzed) friend’s girlfriend. He changes during the series a little.

Firefly – sci-fi series that had only one season, for some idiotic reason. A derelict band of….entrepreneurs…who are really loyal to each other for the most part, led by Captain Mal Reynolds They take on odd shipping/smuggling runs, scavenge for jobs – think Han Solo, but with more of a western feel. The captain and some of the crew are ex-military, who have a tendency to ignore laws they don’t agree with.

So what does a rag-tag bunch of space smugglers have in common with a Texas town? They share some technical basics- good writing, storyline arcs, good actors, both elevate their genre, both have rabid fans. More importantly, though, both shows at their heart are about basically good people who screw up sometimes and have to deal with the consequences. No perfection here in any of the characters.

Speaking of the characters, both series feature my favorite type of character, the good bad boy. You know, the guy who has that wicked smile that says “yeah, this may bend a few rules, but it’ll be fun, and I’ll keep you safe.” Tim Riggins sacrifices himself for his family by the end of Friday Night Lights. Mal is clueless with interpersonal relationships, but he would do anything for his crew, including die for them. Did I mention they’re pretty easy on the eyes too?

Both series also have a high respect for the institution of marriage. The Taylors of Friday Night Lights are ferociously loyal to each other, and always have each other’s backs. They genuinely love and respect each other. Same deal goes for the married couple of Firefly, Zoe and Wash Washburne No one comes between them, and they are a solid unit. Heaven help anyone who gets into it with one of the Washburnes, because they will have to deal with both, and Zoe is ex-military. Both couples might drive each other crazy sometimes, but they’re in it for the long haul.

If you’ve missed these two series, check them out. Well worth the time. And since pictures add so much….
In the Firefly picture, the Washburnes are the first couple to the right of Mal, who is front and center. Friday Light Nights – the Taylors are front and center, Riggins is top right.





  1. I love both of those. Firefly is on my list of shows I thought networks were crazy for cancelling, they always cut short the ones I like. And, hello, it truly is not necessary for every show on TV that is not a stupid “reality” show to be completely amoral and about nothing but sex. Glad to see I’m not the only one to like a little smart writing and character development.

    • We tease my husband that his liking a show is it’s kiss of death :). But, you’re right, the intelligent, good shows are the ones to get the axe usually.

  2. I’ve been meaning to watch BOTH these shows for the longest time. I’m defly going to try watching them soon! =)Stopping by from the A-Z challenge, good luck!

    • DO! I really want to be like Tammy Taylor when (if) I grow up 🙂

  3. I’ve really been enjoying your A to Z Challenge posts, and I’ve nominated you for an award:



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