Posted by: vftmom247 | 2012/08/17

Make new friends, but keep the old….

I am not sure just why, but this week, I have been sort of turning over my past. Not so much what I have done or not done, but the people who have come in and out of my life. I think that for anyone coming back into the Church, for any missionary, there are people who question them. They may find it hard to reconcile who they knew with who I have become. When you’ve gone to college with someone, it can be hard to think of them teaching about God and the Catholic Church. It’s probably even tougher for the younger missionaries. My college days are long past and were fairly tame.

How can I say that I sometimes still have a hard time reconciling the two phases of my life? If you had told me in my college days that I would become a Catholic missionary in a foreign country, I would either have laughed hysterically or asked you what you were drinking or smoking. Or both. I have changed in unbelievable, unforeseen ways since then. Wondrous are God’s plans. And SO totally unpredictable, unforeseeable…

That doesn’t mean all from those days needs to be forgotten, though. The people from college I hung out with, I still love. We may not speak as much, we may just glimpse each other in Facebook posts, but I still love them for the memories, for the growing up we did together, for all we meant to each other and still do. No matter what religion or creed or anything else they are. Heck, no matter what their politics are. I think we all contributed a little towards making each other into the people we are today. And that is not a bad thing.

There are always going to be people God places in our lives for a certain amount of time, for one of His purposes, but there are others who stay in for a lifetime. For these, the Girl Scout song is right on the mark: make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold…but both are precious.

And I wouldn’t trade knowing any of them. Thanks, Roberts denizens. For everything. Don’t forget to thank one of your oldest friends today.



  1. “There are always going to be people God places in our lives for a certain amount of time, for one of His purposes, but there are others who stay in for a lifetime.” How true, how true. I can only imagine how you and your family are being blessed with new friendships as you continue your missionary adventure.

    • It does indeed make Facebook interesting…a mix of English, German, and Dutch. Wouldn’t be able to do without any of them!

  2. I’m often amazed that our group of friends from all those years ago still manages to keep in contact, albeit infrequently. I think it shows how strong those bonds we formed were/are and how much we all impacted each others lives.

    • Agree 100%!

      Thanks for the comment and the memories.

  3. For years moving around working overseas,, ’twas hard keeping up with friends across several oceans (& No Facebook!) -but getting together with old friends, it’s like little time has passed (altho we are getting older!) as shared experiences of our youthful endeavors keep us linked .. (of course, we have to Be Nice as Blackmail Photos of crazy exploits may still lurk in old albums hidden around : )

    grace, peace & Old Golden Friends – Virginia : )

    p.s. one of my uni buddies posted pics of our 1st Year dorm’s Jello Wrestlimg on FB. I was just about to post mine (very incriminating one of me plastering him with Jello during our ‘match’) – but then wondered if all my FB ‘friends’ (including respected work colleagues from all over) would understand?

    • Hear you on both aspects :). Thank you for the like….now I need to track down some blackmail pictures.


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