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Why I am doing this whole missionary thing

I have to admit – Chuck caught fire on this one first.  He’s been to Germany lately and he’s seen the empty cathedrals.  This does tear at my little historian/English Lit lover heart.  The cathedrals that were the wonder of Europe, that stood through much being abandoned?  Then, I talked to Chuck’s cousin, who said he had become an agnostic.  Huh?  How can you not believe God does not exist or at least that something exists that caused the world to come about?  So then, our (wonderful,caring, servant of God) youth minister happened to mention to us that the LifeTeen mission in Germany was getting into a little bit of spiritual trouble because the young adult American missionaries were over there by themselves and were getting disheartened and running into some problems.  O.k., so what they needed was a family to provide some stability and someone to explain some of the cultural differences (and there are several.  As Chris put it, the last time the Germans were excited before the World Cup in Germany was when the Berlin Wall came down!).

Chuck and I looked at each other.  This seemed to be something that was almost meant for us to do.  LifeTeen has done so much for our family, and especially for Chris.  But we have so much here.  This would mean a long-term stay in Germany, putting Chelsea into German schools, dealing with the winters..not to mention totally putting our trust in the Lord for everything.  Huge, humongous step.  So we thought about it, prayed about it, then left it on the back burner.

The problem was that…well, God kind of intervened.  All the scriptures, homilies, even songs kept pointing towards picking up that cross and following Jesus.  God was yelling at me, and really all of us.

The final straw came during Adoration.  In Adoration, you spend and hour in prayer before Jesus to make up to Him for the apostles falling asleep in the Garden of Gesthemene (sp?!).  When I was doing this, I kept on seeing a crucifix on a wall with the German flag behind it.  What was more, I had the feeling of two hands resting on my shoulders and a voice saying, “It will be okay.  I will be with you.  You will always be in My hands.”  I just had this overpowering “YES” to God over this whole mission thing.

We then went as a family up to an amazing place called Covecrest, which I’ve mentioned before.  Somehow, without parents or others prompting, even the kids got the message from God – we need to do this thing in Germany, even though it will take sacrifice, hard work, trust in God, and perseverance.   You know how amazing it is when your entire family gets the same message you’ve been getting from God?

So, here we are.  We will be heading back to Covecrest for Mission formation in about 2.5 weeks, and will be there til January or December.

We are looking for partners on this amazing journey.  I keep telling Chuck that I’m thinking we need prayers more than financial support, but if you’d feel like giving either,  just either check out or write to the below address and tell them you’ll be a mission partner with the Taylor Family and in what way.  What would be in it for you?  Being a vicarious missionary, our prayers, a possible tax deduction, and the opportunity to help make a difference in a German teen’s life.  LifeTeen has done so much for our kids that we’d just like to do the same for another family and their kids.

Life Teen 2222 S. Dobson, Suite 601 Mesa, AZ 85202


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